Although recycling has become a more widely accepted and used practice today, there’s no denying that many still opt for the opposite. This is especially true for students who continue to throw away their empty alcohol bottles/cans into the trash. Coming into Hack the North, my team and I soundly agreed that this concern should be addressed and a solution should be taken to the web. We feel that not only will creating a web application for recycling promote better social good and foster environmental practises on campus, students who join as “Collectors” can also earn a quick buck by recycling bottles/cans to the Beer Store.

The world is becoming more and more interconnected with technology. With BeerKart, we want to create a web application where we connect people who want to get rid of their empty alcohol cans/bottles with people who are passionate about recycling.

What does it do?

Think UBER, but instead of people picking up and transporting other people, BeerKart lets people pick up empty bottles/cans from other people, and bring it to recycling facilities to properly dispose of it and make some money off it!

How does it work?

Simply sign into the web app. Choose whether you want to schedule a pick up for your empty bottles/cans, or if you want to be a collector of bottles/cans. If you choose the first option, you’ll be able to complete a pick-up request form and submit a request for someone to take it off your hands. If you choose the latter option, you’ll get to see all pick up order requests and then select one location to pick up your bottles/cans.

What's next?

As with all minimal viable products, we were quite selective in our chosen feature set list. We felt that these features really embodied BeerKart’s values and purpose and met the core needs of our target user. Given that we only had 36 hours to create BeerKart, there were some definite elements that we had to exclude. We hope to bring them in to the next iteration of the product. These things include:

  1. UX and UI Design: Conducting thorough user research to understand the pain points of our user and continue to improve the user experience and user interface design.

  2. New and Improved Features: We hope to implement a few more features that we believe would truly benefit the web application. These include the ability for a user to schedule bottle pick up services with date, time, and location, the ability to auto-assign Collectors with pick up orders, the ability to give Collectors and Schedulers a star rating after pick up, and to have a continuous search method that will allow Collectors to be auto assigned to pick up orders so long as they are online and available.

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