Silicon Valley Diversity Data

The diversity in Silicon Valley is staggeringly biased.

Here is the Overall Distribution by Race

Overall Distribution by Race

The difference in Distribution by Race is even more stark when we compare executives with lower roles

| Executive Roles | Lower Roles | | ————- |:—————:| | Distribution By Race In Executive Roles| Distribution By Race In Lower Roles|

The scale is heavily imbalanced, and there is a clear under-representation of people of color at positions of power in these large corporations.

Additionally below is the Overall Gender Comparison by Company

Overall Gender Comparison by Company

The difference in hiring by gender is most prominent in the largest of companies, signifying the fact that the standard is set from the top.

The difference is even more apparent by comparing the data company wise

Gender Distribution by Company

The hiring is most balanced at 23andMe while the biggest GPU company in the world comes in last at gender balance in Silicon Valley.

Although the big companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook try to keep hiring balanced, there is clearly a lack of the same as observed.