Jobs on WaterlooWorks

Some data analysis on University of Waterloo Co-op Job main round postings

I was able to source some of the data from the main round postings on the platform from Spring 2018, realizing the value in the data I used the data to make some data graphs using Tableau.

Number of Jobs by Country

Unsurprisingly majority of the jobs that are on WaterlooWorks are from North America, with a significant contribution coming from US and Canada. This is because the culture of hiring interns is dominant in the North American companies, with the effect spreading to other parts of the world slowly Number of Jobs by Country

Diving one level deeper, Province

The graph below shows something surprising, there is a very uneven distribution of jobs from a few provinces/states in US and Canada Number of Jobs by Province

Diving even deeper, Jobs by City

The graph below shows something even more surprising happening in the province of Ontario, Canada. There is a cluster of jobs at the intersection of US and Canada.

Number of Job Openings by City

Zoom in

Zooming in, the place with the pink dot is actually Toronto, surrounded by cities around the GTA neighboring cities with Engineering Universities in Waterloo, Guelph and Toronto itself.

Zoom into map near GTA

On zooming out and plotting the sheer number of job openings in Toronto in an area plot reveals the sheer amount of roles available in Waterloo for students

Number of Jobs by City

Side stuff

The following is the plot for the number of job openings per job, and clearly shows that most companies hire one or two students per role, with a few exceptions like Google, Amazon and Facebook hiring up to 40 students to a role

Number of Job openings per job

Some of my friends really wanted to know how many jobs were 2 term mandatory/preferred, or 8 month preferred/mandatory, especially if they were ineligible for the same so the data graph below is for them! Work Term Duration