I will try my best to keep this as updated as possible, do email me if I forget for over 2 weeks!

Last Updated: Mar 17th 2020 8:32pm EST

What I’m doing now

COVID-19 has disrupted everything.

The last few days have been tough. I have an internship starting May in San Francisco for which I have been waiting for about 6 months for, but now this whole pandemic situation seems to be putting a dent into it. I don’t know if alternative arrangements are going to be possible but it just sucks to deal with that.

University has been shut down for the next week or so, and online courses resume next week. So much is in the air and it makes me more anxious.

~Have been actively going to the gym 3 days a week, swimming on Saturday, have also been eating right and enough so 2020 is currently off to a great start!~ Gym and swimming schedule has been interrupted by the outbreak but I want to get back on my stride using the resistance bands I have at home

It just sucks, but I really hope that things take a turn for the better.

~Have been still trying to keep the habit of doing leetcode contests every week, and its been fun and time intensive!~ I stopped doing them after I found a job and other school stuff definitely took priority.

Currently reading Why We Sleep on Bill Gates’ recommendation, and its teaching me things about sleep that I am surprised are not public knowledge.

I have still been listening to some podcasts, and hopefully write a blog about them soon!

Things I want to achieve