I will try my best to keep this as updated as possible, do email me if I forget for over 2 weeks!

Last Updated: January 5th 11:52am IST

What I’m doing now

Coop has wrapped up, and I got an Outstanding rating 😁!!

I’m excited to get back on the school grind, and a little sad to have left Toronto. Hopefully this term has less ups and downs than the last one!

I’ve been working on some personal projects when I do manage to get the ball rolling. Managed to build the ray-tracer, currently working on a very basic database

I’ve also been working on doing Leetcode contests every Saturday and can hopefully keep up the pace in the coming term!

~I’ve also been trying to build out my own mood tracking app/website to avoid paying the 5 dollars for the Daylio app (but also to build a cool web project), but I don’t actually know if this is going anywhere yet.~ The mood app clone is currently on hold since I simply fessed up the cash for that mood app, it might actually evolve to a “expense tracker” of sorts so that I can better manage expenses in the coming year

Finally wrote the review to Trillion Dollar Coach, honestly would recommend to anyone in a leadership/coaching role or even to coach themselves personally!

Things I want to achieve